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Harness Arwin has the shape of the letter M. The item provokes boldness when it's on the body and ignites a desire in the eyes of the one who looks at it. It is made from full-grain leather and is decorated with nickel-plated hardware. It consists of two straps and a belt that has the same width as straps. You can fasten and adjust these parts on the back with buckles, which makes the accessory fit different body shapes.

The straps embrace shoulders, and the belt goes over serratus anterior muscles. The pieces are connected to the central detail with 3 rings on the upper abdominal. Also, you can use these rings to attach handcuffs to fixate wrists. Arwin's pretty minimalistic construction is complemented by the 3 rows of decorative rivets.

Fantasy Harness "Absolute Power"

₺4,999.00 Regular Price
₺2,499.50Sale Price
Accessory Color
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