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About Us

We are a brand that makes special erotic products for introduction to sexuality. We offer high quality fancy products to our customers. As a brand, we maintain an open dialogue with our community. Our goal is to provide people with a tool to learn about their sexuality.

Our Brand Philosophy

We strive to create a safe zone for all genders, bodies and sexual preferences so that everyone can feel free to explore their unique and powerful sex life. Our team creates products that encourage your sexuality, help you accept authentic desires, and give you confidence.

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Ekran Alıntısı2.PNG

Which Leather Do We Use?

This tanning method, which has existed for centuries, currently constitutes less than 10% of the tanning carried out worldwide. What makes vegetable tanning so unique is its heavier weight, increased durability, distinctive structure, and its utilization in crafting high-quality leather products. Vegetable-tanned leather, compared to other types of leather, becomes more beautiful as it ages, its color matures, and it develops a wonderful classic scent.

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